Our Mission

The idea to create a Latin American guitar festival was born out of the commitment to promote classical music in the Latino immigrant community. We believe in offering accessible performances of high quality in areas where this does not currently exist.

Our Vision

The day to day reality for many immigrants is fraught with violence, injustice and corruption. It is often very difficult to get oneself outside of this reality. We want our festival to provide options for changing situations through art. We will then be able to construct a better world with dignity based in the process of inspiring.

We aim to make a tradition of the festival, so that every year, we can inspire more people in the neighborhoods they live in. Challenging the current elite status of classical music, we will keep the concerts free to the public and outside of the limited spaces now offering such performances.


The Festival has brought more than 25 artists to perform in Latino neighborhoods from all over Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina.  Such a, Hector Ruiz (Puerto Rico), Cesar Lara (Mexico), Pablo Gonzalez (Chile), Ignacio Barcia (Uruguay), Luiz Vivanco (Peru), Mariana Gomez (Mexico), Edwin Guevara (Colombia), Norman Ruiz and Jeff Warren (USA), Ivan Conde (Bolivia), among others .

Since the beginning of the festival, we have offered more than just concerts. Every year, each guest artist prepares master classes, lectures and conferences for the Latino community to further the interest of the people in classical music.

As a result of this, several participants have decided to dedicate time and energy to becoming professional musicians. Some of these students have even performed the opening concert for the guest artists at the festival.

In 2011 we created the first community guitar orchestra for local guitarists with little to no formal musical training. The group worked really hard during the festival, culminating in a live performance for the closing ceremony of the festival.